Sunday, May 3, 2009

the genes are jumping faster

Swine flu has caused nearly 900 cases in humans in past few weeks. The H1N1 influennza strain has now been reported to be isolated from pigs as well ( The report mentions that an agency suspects a farmer from Mexico to infect a pig in Canada during the visit and the strain subsequently spread in humans back. This to and fro across-species jump of these strains is really a matter of concern for the Scientists working on it because it really makes the case complicated. They suspect that a similar inter crossing is possible for avian influenza strain as well. Now these freely jumping genes could really make a havoc and require to be considered a serious issue. Question arises- what gives them such a high compatibility? Are the genes really jumping faster? Is this the demand of evolution or is it a consequence of how we are irrationaly manipulating our nature?

Saturday, May 2, 2009


As a student and researcher in Science, I always have some crazy ideas (not really crazy) which now other people can see and comment upon.
I am always amused wth the science hidden behind our ancient vedic traditions, the philosophy of upnishads and so many things like Indus valley civilisation (see Ronojoy's work on that
The crazy way of doing science is what I suppose the actual way of doing it.