Friday, February 10, 2012

The Frugal Way

No denial, I belong to the Whitesides Philosophy!

Who is this Whitesides by the way??
A Scientist Professor at Harvard, the most cited living scientist... okay, here is the wikipedia link if you need to know more: George_M._Whitesides

I am talking about him, because he usually talks about India, about research in India. In one of his commentaries published in 'Science' he discusses about how the trend of research is going to change, considering that India and China are emerging as innovation centres. Research and innovation are not only about making life easier and more understandable, it is also about providing technological advancements in a frugal way. Here is what he describes: Whitesides_Science_The Frugal Way

If we really wish to make technology accessible to the mass, we need to go the frugal way. Simply!
Here is a TED Talk on the same: Towards The Science of Simplicity

Enjoy the talk, and get motivated!


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  2. बहुत सुंदर प्रस्तुति । मरे पोस्ट पर आपका इंतजार रहेगा । धन्यवाद ।

  3. that is an honest and beautiful thought....!!!